Ashtray of Nihilism (Playlist)

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Ashtray of Nihilism (Playlist)

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Here's a playlist I started working on little over a year ago, which I call the "ultimate curated playlist" of sludge, grunge, stoner and doom (with a few songs from other related genres thrown in when compatible), currently, the playlist consists of 550+ songs and has amassed just under 150 followers, if y'all have any recommendations or bands I might have missed, post them in the comments and I will check them out and add them if I see fit. :D

1000mods (stoner)
Acid King (stoner)
Acid Witch (stoner, psychedelic)
Adickdid (riot grrrl, grunge)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed (sludge, grindcore, powerviolence)
Alabama Thunderpussy (stoner, southern)
Alice In Chains (grunge, alternative)
ASG (stoner)
Atomic Bitchwax (stoner)
Baroness (alternative, sludge)
Batillus (blackened doom, sludge)
Battle of Mice (atmospheric sludge, shoegaze)
Bell Witch (doom)
Belzebong (stoner, doom)
Black Desert Sun (stoner)
Black Flag (hardcore punk, sludge)
Black Moth (stoner)
Black Pyramid (doom, stoner)
Black Sabbath (traditional doom, hard rock)
Black Tusk (sludge, stoner)
Bloody Panda (doom, sludge)
Bongripper (doom, atmospheric sludge, drone)
Bongzilla (stoner, doom, sludge)
Boris (drone, noise, experimental)
Boss Keloid (stoner, progressive, sludge)
Breach (post-hardcore, sludge, metallic hardcore)
Bright Curse (doom metal, psychedelic)
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (sludge, doom)
Burning Witch (doom, sludge)
Buzzov-en (sludge, hardcore punk)
Candlemass (traditional doom)
Cathedral (traditional doom, stoner, doom)
Church of Misery (doom)
Clutch (alternative, stoner, funk rock)
Colour Haze (stoner, pyschedelic)
Comes With The Fall (alternative)
Conan (doom, sludge)
Corrosion of Conformity (stoner, southern, sludge, crossover thrash, hardcore punk)
Couch Slut (noise, sludge)
Cough (doom, sludge, drone)
Crimeny (alternative, groove, grunge, sludge)
Crowbar (sludge)
Dark Tharr (doom, sludge)
Deadly Vipers (stoner, psychedelic)
Deaf Children At Play (alternative, grunge)
Demon Lung (doom)
Desert Storm (stoner)
Devil Electric (stoner, doom, alternative)
Devil To Pay (stoner)
Dirge (atmospheric sludge, doom)
Dirtclodfight (grunge, alternative)
Dr. Colossus (stoner, doom)
Doll (grunge, riot grrrl, alternative)
Dopefight (stoner, sludge)
Dopelord (stoner, doom)
Down (southern, stoner, alternative, sludge)
Dozer (stoner)
Dukatalon (sludge)
Dystopia (crust punk, sludge)
Elder (stoner, psychedelic, doom)
Electric Wizard (doom, stoner)
Elephant Tree (stoner, doom)
Ennoa (doom, sludge)
Eyehategod (sludge)
Fall of Because (industrial)
False Gods (doom, sludge)
Firestone (stoner)
Fistula (sludge, doom)
Forever In Debt (noise, grunge)
Fudge Tunnel (noise, post-hardcore, sludge)
Fu Manchu (stoner)
Girl Band (noise, post-punk)
Goatsblood (sludge, doom)
Goatsnake (stoner, doom)
Goatwhore (blackened death, sludge, thrash)
Godflesh (industrial, sludge)
Gorilla Pulp (stoner)
Grate (sludge)
Graves At Sea (sludge, doom)
Great Machine (stoner, doom)
Green Leaf (stoner, psychedelic)
Green Lung (doom, stoner)
Green Machine (sludge, stoner)
Green River (post-hardcore, garage punk, grunge)
Grief (sludge, doom)
Grime (sludge, doom)
Gurt (sludge)
Halo (industrial, sludge, drone)
Harsh Toke (psychedelic, stoner)
Helmet (post-hardcore, alternative)
Herder (sludge, stoner)
High on Fire (stoner, sludge)
His Hero Is Gone (crust punk, sludge)
Hole (alternative, grunge, riot grrrl, noise)
Holy Grove (stoner)
Horn of the Rhino (sludge, doom, stoner)
HSY (noise)
Indian (drone, sludge)
Indian Handcrafts (stoner, noise)
Inter Arma (sludge, black, progressive)
Iron Lung (powerviolence, grindcore, sludge)
Iron Monkey (sludge, stoner)
Iron Witch (sludge, hardcore punk)
ISIS (atmospheric sludge, post-rock, noise)
Jerry Cantrell (alternative, grunge, sludge, post-grunge)
Jucifer (sludge, indie, alternative)
King Woman (atmospheric sludge, doom, drone)
King's X (progressive, alternative, hard rock, grunge, glam)
Kingdom of Sorrow (metalcore, sludge metal)
Kurokama (blackened sludge, doom)
Kylesa (stoner, psychedelic, sludge, alternative)
Kyuss (stoner)
Lares (atmospheric sludge, stoner)
Lazarus Blackstar (sludge, stoner)
Legal Kill (alternative, emo revival, grunge)
Lord Mantis (sludge, blackened doom)
Los Natas (stoner, psychedelic)
Low Rider (stoner)
Magic Dirt (alternative, stoner, post-grunge, pop rock)
Magrudergrind (grindcore, powerviolence, noise)
Mars Red Sky (stoner, psychedelic)
Melvins (grunge, sludge, stoner, hardcore punk, drone, doom, experimental)
Metz (noise)
Monolord (doom, stoner)
Moon Coven (doom, psychedelic)
Mötley Crüe (hair metal, hard rock, alternative)
Mudhoney (garage punk, alternative, grunge)
Napalm Death (grindcore, death, crust punk, groove)
Nirvana (alternative, noise, grunge, post-hardcore, sludge)
Noothgrush (sludge, doom, death)
The Obsessed (traditional doom, stoner, alternative, doom)
Old Man Gloom (atmospheric sludge, ambient)
OM (stoner, psychedelic, dub)
Orange Goblin (stoner, psychedelic)
Pale Mare (sludge, stoner)
Pallbearer (traditional doom)
Paw (southern, post-hardcore, alternative, post-grunge)
Pelican (atmospheric sludge, post-rock)
Piss Factory (alternative, noise, riot grrrl, grunge)
Poundhound (alternative, grunge, funk)
Primitive Man (blackened sludge, doom, noise, dark ambient)
Puta Volcano (stoner)
Quicksand (post-hardcore, alternative)
Radio Caroline (alternative)
Ramesses (doom, sludge)
Red Fang (stoner)
Rwake (atmospheric sludge)
Sahara Surfers (stoner, psychedelic)
Saint Vitus (traditional doom)
Sasquatch (stoner)
Scissorfight (stoner, southern, sludge)
Seven Foot Spleen (sludge, grindcore, doom)
Shrinebuilder (stoner, doom, sludge)
Silverchair (alternative, post-grunge, grunge)
Slabdragger (doom, stoner)
Sleep (stoner, doom)
Slik Toxik (hair metal, hard rock, alternative)
Slomatics (doom, sludge)
Snail (stoner, grunge)
Sofa King Killer (stoner)
Soilent Green (sludge, grindcore, death)
Solitude Aeturnus (traditional doom)
Sonic Youth (alternative, no wave, college rock, noise)
Soundgarden (alternative, grunge, psychedelic, stoner)
Sourvein (sludge, doom, stoner)
Strange Wilds (alternative, grunge)
Stoned Jesus (stoner, doom)
Sun O))) (drone, experimental, dark ambient)
Superjoint (hardcore punk, sludge, thrash)
Swans (experimental, no wave, post-rock, noise)
The Sword (stoner, alternative)
Tad (grunge, noise, sludge)
The Teenage Kissers (grunge, noise, alternative, j-pop, sludge)
Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine (drone, doom)
Tephra (atmospheric sludge)
Thou (sludge, drone, atmospheric black, doom)
Toadliquor (sludge, doom)
Toke (stoner)
Torche (stoner, sludge, alternative)
Tragedy (crust punk, powerviolence, sludge)
Tripod (alternative, grunge)
Trouble (traditional doom, stoner, doom)
Truckfighters (stoner)
Ufomammut (stoner, doom, sludge)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats (traditional doom, psychedelic)
Unearthly Trance (sludge, doom, drone)
Unsane (post-hardcore, alternative, noise)
Warhorse (doom, sludge)
Weedeater (stoner, doom, sludge)
Weedpecker (stoner, psychedelic, space rock, doom)
Whitenails (stoner, hard rock, traditional doom)
Whores. (noise, sludge, grunge)
Whores of Tijuana (stoner)
Windhand (doom, stoner)
Witch (stoner, psychedelic, doom)
Witchcraft (hard rock, stoner, doom)
Witchfinder General (traditional doom, NWOBHM)
The Wounded Kings (traditional doom)
Wrong (noise, sludge, alternative, post-hardcore)
Wo Fat (stoner, psychedelic)
Year of the Cobra (doom, stoner, psychedelic, grunge)
Yob (doom, stoner)
Zoroaster (sludge, doom, stoner)
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