River of Deceit

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Re: River of Deceit

Post by Flannel »

May I suggest reading a memorium written by the drummer of Mad Season, Barrett Martin, from Layne's memorial service. It's touching:


The part about Layne's guest list brought a tear to my eye. It's interesting Layne felt he was compelled to embark on a spirtiual mission through his music. Nowhere is that more apprent than on this album.

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Re: River of Deceit

Post by MORFFE »

An amazing tune from an amazing album, although my favourite has to be Long Gone Day :)
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Re: River of Deceit

Post by Beyond Jaded »


Always skip that and Artificial Red.

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Re: River of Deceit

Post by frell »

This thread has made me relisten this under listened album in my mass collection of music. (I am hoping I am posting in the right thread!) River Of Deceit is the song I remember, but there are blues numbers and some great grunge tunes sprinkled through out this disc. I want to thank who ever started this thread, that triggered my memory of this song which lead to me listening to this album.

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Re: River of Deceit

Post by GrinKat »

One of the best grunge songs that I know.
I really like to hear this song when i'm in a bad mood
"I'd Like To Fly
But My Wings Have Been So Denied..."

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Re: River of Deceit

Post by boxcar »

I edited and fixed the video because the other one didn't work and this should be seen and heard. Great song. Great album. Really looking forward to the new deluxe edition. 2 CD's and 1 DVD.
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Re: River of Deceit

Post by swamptoad »

Seems like just the right song to ease your pain or get you through a rough time in your life.

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