Room Nine Vs. Love Battery

Seattle's odd and unusual band blending psychedelic guitars, pulsating rhythms, driving beats and heartfelt vocals.

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Room Nine Vs. Love Battery

Post by SayHello2Heaven »

I love these types of discussions!
Our friend Ron Nine was in two really great bands that I think kind of set the standard for Seattle rock. And for me I've been jousting with which one of his two great bands I like the most. It's tough because I like them both rather equally despite the kind of difference in sound. Where Love Battery gives off a more psychadelic sound, Room Nine gives off a rather UK influenced post punk type of vibe.

Room Nine had a pretty short career (at least to my standards) and left behind a very small record cataloge, where Love Battery is very ell documented with a bunch of records to enjoy. So with all this said, I go for the Love Battery. It has nothing to do with popularity or what not, just basically I have more songs to choose from.

But I do recommend the collaboration they did after Love Battery called Down With People. Some really great tunes being made there.
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Re: Room Nine Vs. Love Battery

Post by P A I V »

I prefer Love Battery, they've got more to offer.
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Re: Room Nine Vs. Love Battery

Post by otherimprov »

Love Battery all away
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Re: Room Nine Vs. Love Battery

Post by incessantmace »

I think it's Love Battery, most definitely. Their sound was much more elaborated and focused, and it's really a shame they didn't release more records (even though a new album has been said to be released since 2008 :roll: ). They didn't get their spot among my top five grunge bands for nothing, after all 8D
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