Second Album!

Pearl Jam and Soundgarden's tribute to a dead friend. Talk about TOTD here.

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Re: Second Album!

Post by KristinNirvana »

They actually have thought about potentially doing a second album ... ond-album/ One with Eddie on main vocals and as a tribute to Chris might be interesting.
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Re: Second Album!

Post by Y2K-kyle »

I know there have been talks about another album ever since they did those shows to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the album. If there was a time or a reason to do it, it would be to honor Chris Cornell.
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Re: Second Album!

Post by jarofchains »

I agree with the sentiment that if they do another album it should be a tribute to Chris much like the original album was a tribute to Andy Wood. I wouldn't be surprised if their are some big time collaborations to memorialize Chris. I'd love for Eddie and Mark Lanegan to sing together and the guys from all the bands come together and collaborate on something for Chris.

Were Soundgarden and the Screaming Trees close? I know about the connections between the major bands like Soundgarden, PJ, Nirvana, AIC and Mudhoney but never knew much about the Screaming Trees (besides Mark and Layne being best friends).
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Re: Second Album!

Post by j-bug »

I have never seen Mark and Eddie or Mark and Chris.
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Re: Second Album!

Post by sadie »

Mark did tweet about Chris when he died, but that's about it. Also, I'm friends with Mark pickerel at fb, and he has tweeted a lot about Chris lately.

This was titled as "One of the best nights of my life", and on another post he mentioned they toured together. I don't have any details though.

Chris Cornell Peru has tweeted
Fotos de Ben Shepherd y su colaboración con la banda de Mark Lanegan @marklanegan @soundgarden
The link goes to fb page that has a folder of pictures, but no Chris in them.
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Re: Second Album!

Post by XsInMyEyes »

I don't think it would have been a terribly appropriate idea anyway for TOTD to record another album. I mean, I don't listen to TOTD every waking moment, but I do like them ... I personally think TOTD was something that was very much needed in the moment, it was a chance for members of MLB and other musicians in Seattle to grieve the loss of Andrew Wood, but not so much outside.

I think the occasional reunion post 1991 was acceptable, but other than that, I think more recorded stuff would have simply cheapened the very idea of Temple of the Dog.

Then again, this is a sad subject, now that we no longer have Chris Cornell.
KristinNirvana wrote: Mon May 29, 2017 7:32 am They actually have thought about potentially doing a second album ... ond-album/ One with Eddie on main vocals and as a tribute to Chris might be interesting.
That would have been a good idea, but if they'd done it, they should have called something other than Temple of the Dog.

Maybe that would have given us the chance to have that grunge supergroup with Eddie on vocals, Cantrell on rhythm guitar, Thayil on lead, Novoselic on bass and Dave Grohl on drums.
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