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Only Fools and Horses

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This time next year, Rodney, Grungeforum will be great again :D

Its quite a slow paced comedy by 2022 standards, I always loved it though ... witty as Hell, and much like the briefcases that Del Boy threw into the Thames, there's a real depth to it - being British, you'll always see somebody in the show who you relate to; Del Boy is every charlatan hanging down the pub selling you merchandise of questionable origins, and his brother Rodney always gets shafted to holy Hell, which I think we all relate to.
Sadly, there aren't too many WWII veterans around these days, but Uncle Albert was almost exactly like the few I knew growing up, full of stories each one slightly more embellished than the last thousandth time you heard it ....

Also, most sitcom idiots are to OTT to the point of making Boris Johnson look like Albert Einstein, but I think Trigger serves this role more convincing and effectively than any other.

My favourite episode was "The Unlucly Winner Is" from series 6. I'm not spoiling anything, but never let your money obsessed brother enter you in an art contest :D

Everyone always thinks it should have ended with the 1996 specials. I think they're wallies. I think that the 2003 conclusion of the show did it perfectly, with everything finally going well for the long suffering Rodney.
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