I like Godsmack

Talk about the new breed of Grunge Rockers.

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I like Godsmack

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It seems that Godsmack are as despised, if not more so, than the much-derided Nickelback. Although I can understand people being uncomfortable with bands adapting the sound of grunge to fit a deliberately commercial sound (I don't see that as being what Godsmack are doing, but that's irrelevant), plus I don't really know the band's background or what they're like as people, but on the merit of the music by itself I struggle to see where all the dislike comes from myself.
I have only recently started listening to GodSmack, I put off listening to them for a VERY long time, partly because the view of them around here and elsewhere was so negative, but out of curiosity I have been checking out the s/t 1998 debut album by them

They bring nothing new to the table, but do a good job of erecting new music on existing influences. I really respect them for carrying on the AiC torch, the singles "Whatever", "Bad Religion" and "Keep Away" are strong, and catchy for heavy rock and I think they've aged well , while the deep cuts do a good job at keeping the album flowing, oh and what certainly they do is keep the music melodic, and I've often stated that the reason I never relly got other nu metal bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit is because they lack tunefulness.
The only problem is, it doesn't really connect with me emotionally.

In my opinion, GodSmack play a competent, well-crafted and in many ways enjoyable brand of heavy alternative rock music.
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