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Post by Angst-Ridden »

coo... i should buy one really but im trying to get a job before i do...
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Post by summergirl »

I'd just like to clarify the following regarding The Polyphonic Spree. They are NOT a Chritian/Gospel or Cult band. :roll:

For anyone who doesn't know, they are a 20+ piece band founded by former Tripping Daisy member Tim Delaughter. The band consists of a choir, and instruments included are percussion, guitar, harp theremin, violin, drums, flute, french horn and more. They are very unique sounding and to see them live is one of the best musical euphoric experiences you can ever have. They are from Texas and have gained most of their recognition from playing at a festival with David Bowie, who was so amazed by them that he helped them gain success and recognition over here. They have often been wrongly accused as a cult, mainly because they wear robes on stage.
Their music is totally uplifting and they are well worth checking out. They have 2 albums out and a 3rd to be release within the next couple of months.
My main love is mostly rock/metal music but I'd defy anyone to go to one of their gigs and not be blown away by them and I don't care how grungy/punk or whatever, anyone thinks of themselves.

This is a link in my sig to their unofficial forum, where you can find out more about them and catch the odd dowload, talk about Tripping Daisy and just generally meet a great bunch of fans from Uk, USA and Europe, who like all sorts of music.
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Post by Frog »

I bought I am an Elastic Firecracker for only £3 (shiping included) on it's a seconf hand cd but in really good condition!!

the album is great, sometimes it feels like i'm listening to Gish or Siamese Dream by the SP.

I should buy more stuffs by the band, so bad they disbanded after one of their members died.
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Post by nontoxicpuppydog »

I have I am an Elastic Firecracker. I think it's a great CD. But I keep looking for Bill in the music stores and I can't flippin find it!! *angry face* Lol, maybe I'll look on EBay someday. I was THIS [ ] close to getting a kickin pink fuzzy tripping daisy hat but I lost in the last few seconds... V_V
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Re: Tripping Daisy

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Currently listening to Pirahna. I'm diggin it, the guitar is very easy to listen to, it inspires me to learn how to play the guitar, and the vocalist kind of has that Ozzy Osbourne thing goin on.
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Re: Tripping Daisy

Post by Canucker »

is there another Tripping Daisy thread going on here? I swear I replied to one. They were I think my third or fourth club gig and I'm sure I put that story up somewhere on here. Polyphonic Spree sounds like the beatles to me.
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Re: Tripping Daisy

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I am going to listen to this band ... I post to break the best part of 10 years with no posts!
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