Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

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Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

Post by herseydenvar »

its a cool game , please write down what is your result?

here is the game


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Re: Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

Post by Meatplow »

you already posted this 2 months ago...

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Re: Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

Post by Grunge_Chick »

I got Come as you Are/In Bloom

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Re: Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

Post by Ferglius »

I got "Something in the Way" and apparently I'm a zany person. Yup

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Re: Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

Post by PunkingtonGrunge »

Oh, cool, I got the most accurate one :lol: :lol: :lol:

I didn't do the quiz... I knew they wouldn't have all the best undeground grawnge songs on there
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Re: Which Nirvana Song Describes You?

Post by alternradioshifter »

Come As You Are/In Bloom.

Seems vague. Idk. Whatevs. :p
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