John Frusciante

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John Frusciante

Post by Daffy »

I think his solo stuff is great! really chill stuff i think :) and i like his voice better than Kiedis voice. I know ive said i really dont like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but there are actually some songs i really really like of them....they are just not a band i really listen to...but johns solo stuff is much more my style!

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Re: John Frusciante

Post by tracheae »

I got "to record only water for ten days" when it came out and i loved that. But again.. have not been following his progress since. If i remember right.. he had loads of stuff coming out in the following years. Is it in any way similar to that album?

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Re: John Frusciante

Post by sadie »

My little sister's a huge RHCP fan, and ofcourse huge John fan, so I've been listening John a bit. My fave song is The Will To Death.
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Re: John Frusciante

Post by Wolf_grrrl »

I like John's solo music :) And RHCP too but I haven't listened to them for quite a while. They used to be my and my friend's favourite band, about a year ago I think.

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Re: John Frusciante

Post by telecasterat43 »

John Fruciante is obviously influenced by Jimi Hendrix.
Funk,Blues and rock are his primary style in guitar and facial bring something
excitement to those who will watch him while he plays.

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Re: John Frusciante

Post by boxcar »

I heard he has a new EP out? Supposed to be really good too!
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