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Post by ISayFuckYouSay... » Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:05 pm

Flo & Eddie is so happy :3 I've been following in love with their music

It seems so amazing, the feelings your feeling seem to flow naturally.
And Willard, it's elementary, if she smiles at you I bet she'll smile back at me.
So don't you TRY! TOO! HARD!
You got it covered just the WAY! YOU ARE!
She'll stop to care cause you're so debonair, all the world is yours today!
It's such a good day, we're shouting our love from the sky!
Hold on tight now, it'd be a shame to lose each other when we're travelin so high! Now I'm SURE! YOU'VE! MET!
You got the kinda face you CAN'T! FOR-GET!
No matter how she tries it's hard to describe the feelings inside when she looks in your eyes.
This could be the day.

You gotta love the old zappa era stuff :3 :3 :3

i've been singing this song for days now :D it's my cheer up song :3 this & Soundgarden's Louder Than Love

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