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Jedi Mind Tricks

Post by P A I V » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:28 pm

A really, really good rapper/beatmaker trio. Vinny Paz is the rapper, he's also in Army of the Pharaohs. Basically, he's the kind of rapper who's broke, makes music for the music and has had a fucked up life. Before I heard this shit I was on the fence about rap - I liked Eminem and stuff like that but I wasn't too into it. This pushed me over the fence and I thoroughly respect the genre and see it in a much different light. Vinny's style of rapping is pretty violent and hateful and at times even a little TOO disturbing, but you can tell he put his soul into it because of that.

This song is called "Before The Great Collapse". Apparently it's an audio suicide note.

That was followed by this song, I think.

This one is with my favorite rapper, RA The Rugged Man, it's about the Vietnam War. RA's dad was in the war, and so it's really cool to hear his take on it.
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