The Vaselines

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The Vaselines

Post by Fopp »

Just picked up their new cd "Enter the Vaselines." It's been pretty enjoyable.Here's my question, did they make any other albums besides the Green & Pink EPs, and A Complete history??

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Re: The Vaselines

Post by Mithaearon »

The Vaselines announce new album release date, tracklisting and UK tour details

The Vaselines have announced details of a new album and UK tour.

The Scottish group's second album, 'Sex With An X' is the follow-up to their 1989 debut and only full studio effort 'Dum-Dum'.

Released on September 14 through Sub Pop, the band's core duo of Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee recorded the LP with Jamie Watson, who also produced their debut.

Meanwhile, Belle & Sebastian's Stevie Jackson and Bob Kildea play guitar and bass, plus 1990s' Michael McGaughrin plays drums.

In addition to the album, the band have revealed details of an upcoming UK tour.

Kicking off at Edinburgh's Bongo Room on September 15, the 10-date jaunt will finish at Glasgow's Oran Mor on September 24.

The tracklisting for 'Sex With An X' is as follows:

'Sex With An X'
'The Devil Inside Me'
'Such a Fool'
'Turning It On'
'Overweight But Over You'
'Poison Pen'
'I Hate the 80's'
'Mouth To Mouth'
'My God's Bigger Than Your God'
'Exit The Vaselines'

The Vaselines will play the following dates:

Edinburgh Bongo Room (September 15)
Newcastle Other Room (16)
Leeds Brudenell Social Club (17)
Liverpool Static Gallery (18)
Cardiff Millennium Music Hall (19)
Nottingham Rescue Rooms (20)
Bristol Thekla (21)
London The Scala (22)
Manchester Deaf Institute (23)
Glasgow Oran Mor (24)

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Re: The Vaselines

Post by incessantmace »

Isn't that amazing that Kurt Cobain worshipped these guys when he was young, and he's been dead for sixteen years now, and they're putting out their second album, like, NOW?!?

Crazy world.
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Re: The Vaselines

Post by boxcar »

Listening to this right now, pretty good stuff if you liked the older stuff!
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Re: The Vaselines

Post by KristinNirvana »

OH MY GO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE THE VASELINES! They're like the perfect pop band.
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Re: The Vaselines

Post by Fuzz Face »

Hell yeah! :D

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Re: vasalines

Post by PunkingtonGrunge »

the vaselines are awesome... but you know they're not a grunge band, right?
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Re: vasalines

Post by Canucker »

not a fan...don't care for Eugenius either.

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Re: The Vaselines

Post by Y2K-kyle »

Looks like another album is going to appear in the future: via Antiquiet:

Best known for penning three songs (Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam, Son of a Gun, Molly’s Lips) that Nirvana would end up covering live, The Vaselines are back with their second record in four years. Titled V For Vaselines, the record consists of ten new tracks from the Edinburgh duo that came about when Frances McKee wanted to “write some really short punk rock songs, just get into people’s ear really straight away, and then get out of there really quickly” according to Eugene Kelly.

Self produced at Mogwai’s studio Castle of Doom, the record features contributions from fellow Glasgow rockers Stevie Jackson from Bell & Sebastian, Michael McGaughrin of the 1990s, Paul Foley of Mandrake Shepherd, Sons and Daughters’ Scott Patterson, Teenage Fanclub’s Frank McDonald and Graeme Smillie of Olympic Swimmers. The record is due out September 29th via Rosary Music. View the track list and hear the new cheery eyed, wild guitar driven ‘One Long Year’ below. You can even download it for free from Soundcloud.

Track List V For Vaselines:

1. “High Tide Low Tide”
2. “The Lonely L.P.”
3. “Inky Lies”
4. “Crazy Lady”
5. “Single Spies”
6. “One Lost Year”
7. “Earth Is Speeding”
8. “False Heaven”
9. “Number One Crush”
10. “Last Half Hour” ... this-fall/
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Re: The Vaselines

Post by Jack_Armstrong »

Yep. I do love The Vaselines. Alongside Primal Scream, Lowlife, The Farm and plenty others, I suppose they sort of kept alternative music alive in Britain, during that dark period of rubbish pop music in the late 80s.

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