Albums you have bought lately

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Re: Albums you have bought lately

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I received the Velvet Underground (ish) album “Squeeze” this morning...

Now, this one was derided on its original release for its lack of Lou Reed, Doug Yule on vocals, and that the original drummer Maureen Tucker was supplanted by Deep Purple’s Ian Paice.
I am listening to the CD now and although I am only 6 tracks in I find it quite intriguing. I find it mountains, canyons and deserts away from VU+Nico... although it doesn’t really try its hands at being an experimental masterwork, but rather a foray into the world of bluesy, rootsy rock and roll with its edges adorned by a plethora of folky embellishments. I famously adore Deep Purple, and Ian Paice is one of my favourite drummers ever, he definitely puts his classic tricks to the best of use on this one. An energising, and at times reflective and pensive record, and a “must-hear at least once” in my books.
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