Thin Lizzy

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Thin Lizzy

Post by cobalt »

Does anyone like them?

I've found this cover of their song 'Jailbreak', with Jerry Cantrell singing :D

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Re: Thin Lizzy

Post by Thurston_Whore »

Yeah i like to listen to some lizzy from time to time,I think shellac also did a cover of jailbreak i'll see if i can find it anywhere.
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Re: Thin Lizzy

Post by XsInMyEyes »

I adore Thin Lizzy!
They will stray never from my top-5 bands. I own every album save for the elusive first two. I will make an effort to ensure ownership of those mysterious beasts soon!

Their stuff is magically Irish rock and roll wizardry! They blend to one every emotion and style -- from purveying a troublemaker's libretto of choice, to sentimental ballads, to anthems of adoration for their native Ireland -- and marry a raw aesthetic of jeans and leather-jackets, with one of artful worldliness -- helped no little by the outstanding Jim Fitzpatrick of course!
Any given Lizzy album can take you on a journey, of a jungle of sounds and a great plethora of emotions! Just take Jailbreak — it bears the thunderous stomp of the title-track, relenting not in making any listener feel pumped, a wall of noise followed by a commanding riff, slashing any doubt that these bad boys from Dublic mean business -- the mainstream smash of The Boys Are Back... and the underrated deep cuts, which would so benefit from a bit more love, such as Running Back, a jazzy yet somber and downtrodden breakup tune, that connected with me for years after I first heard it, after the sorrow of a girl leaving my life hit the heart.
Black Rose channels the unbashed yet delicate joy of a father-daughter tribute in the heartwarming Sarah, an anthemic defiance in “Got to Give it Up” (it’s a heartbreaker and then some that he couldn’t :cry: ) and “Waiting for an Alibi”... "Rósin Dubh" is a a Gaelic folk opus and a gorgeous channeling of an appreciation for one’s home nation!
My father was a minor fan. He had (and still does have) their Peel Sessions of CD... so I first heard some of their material growing up. I recall generally being very happy about it :D
I began buying their albums for myself when I was 10.

Hesitate I will not, to say how hard it is to pick a favourite song from such a treasure of a catalogue!
Already have I detailed the connection that ''Runnin Back'' has with me, “We Will be Strong” from Chinatown. The anthem-driven chorus never fails to ascend you from the darkest depression up to rock and roll heaven.

I will never know how the guys did it, but I admire it highly, they kept their aesthetic both raw and mystical all at once.
Jim Fitzpatrick is my favourite artist ever. His blend of flavours of Irish airs, Celtic revivalism, Catholic profundity, Asian mythology into one sophisticated style — it embellished the Thin Lizzy album covers — making the statement more than clear that Lizzy transcended and far exceeded the “hard rocker” mould, and that their music traversed territories poetic, boisterous and sentimental all at once! Nightlife has my favourite album cover ever.
Phil Lynott was one of the wittiest rockers of his generation! He was once asked what it was like to be black and Irish, and he replied “it’s lile being a pint of Guinness”..!

All in all, Thin Lizzy make me feel really connected with my Irish side (“Whiskey in the Jar”, “Philomena”), they are the embodiment of being both raw and cultured — something of which years later, Kurt Cobain would find his own unique realisation — for this I will always hold Lizzy close to my heart ❤️
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