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Re: Top 30 Albums

Post by XsInMyEyes » Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:48 pm

Reluctant, I often am when it comes to making these sorts of lists. There are reasons for this...when you have taste so open and eclectic like me (and take my word, this doesnt just apply to music), its inevitable that youll discover something new almost every of course I rediscover things that I’d forgotten about, hear them for the first time in ages and think “wow! That was a really interesting sound!”. Thirdly there is the inevitable fear that you will miss something important out.
Howbeit, I thought that this could be cool way of making a record of what my tastes are like at this that maybe a bit later I can come back and see how different or similar they are.
Before I get going with the list, laying a few groundrules down would be a sensible idea:
-Despite there being many outstanding “greatest-hits bands” (the Police, Abba, the Cure, Devo, Kansas), I wont be including any such records on here — official studio releases (Lp/Ep) is all
- - In sole exception is Love Bone IS a comp but its constitution is simply two studio releases rolled into one. Though I guess my pick from AcDc would come under this, too!
-No two albums by one artist; just one each. Without this rule, my list would get choked up by a massive block of Thin Lizzy!
-30 is an advisory number!!
To complement this I will name a song from each that I think everybody must hear. Let’s go!!
1 Alice in Chains, Dirt
-The perfect album. Bringing into one heavy-rock malevolence and melodicism and dynamics from the then ongoing alternative explosion...with the bleak melancholy of the band member's own anguish. The hallowed screams of Staley's addiction from Sickman and Junkhead, the morbid storytelling of Jerry Cantrell, recollecting his father's tales of the Vietnam war on Rooster...of his own violent past with a band member on Dam that River, make every lyric strike a nerve. Cantrell proves himself the riff-lord, his every move on the guitar both conveys, and creates aura around, the lyrics. A rock masterpiece from the darkest depths of hell. (song suggestion: I can't just name one, everything needs to be heard)
2 Soundgarden, BadMotorFinger
(Slaves and Bulldozers)
3 Thin Lizzy, Chinatown
(We will be Strong)
4 Manic Street Preachers, Generation-Terrorists
5 Deep Purple, Fireball
6 Mother Love Bone, s.t
7 Nirvana, In-Utero
(Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle)
8 Led Zeppelin, untitled
(Going to California)
9 Judas Priest, British Steel
(Living after Midnight)
10 AcDc, High-Voltage
(I Wanna be a Rock n Roll singer)
11 New York Dolls, s.t.
12 Caravan, In the land of Grey and Pink
(In the Land of Grey and Pink)
13 Neil Young, After the Goldrush
(Only Love can Break your Heart)
14 Sex Pistols, Nevermind the Bollocks
(Anarchy in the UK)
15 REM, Document
(king of Birds)
16 Squeeze, Cool for Cats
(It’s not Cricket)
17 Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic
18 the Cars, s.t.
(Don’t cha Stop)
19 the Proclaimers, This is the Story
-In an era of safe style over substance electronic dance music and political chaos under one Thatcher the milk-snatcher , two acoustic-guitar wielding Scots came out of nowhere and told the world exactly how it was, like true punks shaking the foundations of the political elite, while also providing an intriguing insight into Scots life (Letter from America - Band version)
20 White Zombie, La Sexorcisto vol 1
21 Pearl Jam, Versus
22 Motorhead, Ace of Spades
(We are the Roadcrew)
23 Slayer, South of Heaven
24 L7, Bricks are heavy
25 Fairport-Convention, Leige and Leif
(Matty Groves)
26 Metallica, Ride the lightning
The first album I ever bought!
(Fade to Black)
27 Boston, Boston
28 Pixies, Bossanova...I like to call it Bostonova! 8-)
(Dig for Fire)
29 Van Halen, Van Halen
(Runnin with the Devil)
30 the Beatles, Meet the Beatles
(All my Loving)
31 Meat Puppets, II
32 the Doors, the Doors
(Light my Fire)
33 the Stooges, the Stooges
(I wanna be your Dog)
34 Jethro Tull, Aqualung
35 Skid Row, Skid Row
(Sweet little Sister)
36 Bruce Springsteen, The River
(Ties that Bind)
37 Rainbow, Long live rock n Roll
(Gates of Babylon)
38 Tom Waits, Raindogs
39 David Bowie, The man who Sold the World
(Black country Rock)
40 Johnny Winter, Second Winter
(Hustled down in Texas)
41 the Velvet Underground, the Velvet-Underground and Nico
(Sunday Morning)
42 UFO, “Lights-out”
(Lights out)
43 Tom Robinson Band, Power in the Darkness
(You gotta Survive)
That was tough!!! Im such a big music lover, so this has to be written at some point.
I miss the comfort in being sad. Drive away and its the same, everywhere death row everyone’s a victim.

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