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Re: Bush

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I have never, in any detail, expressed my convictions of Bush yet
Of Bush, I would be put down as a "fan". Their complete body of work is in my possession ... and I enjoy a great deal of it.
Being a British grunger, I can exalt them greatly. I feel enriched by hearing a British band and their take on the Seattle sound
Sixteen Stone is a must-have in my book. It packs in an engaging jaunt of thunderous riffing, gnawing lead guitars, stadium-ready hooks, all embellished by beautiful soft-sway balladry. The music gives me an intense feeling of kinship; appreciating the work of Brits with similar reference points to my own.
For me, the number of choice by Bush is “Machinehead”. Rationale being is that the riffs electrify with a barrage of both savagery and ardour, the first chorus conveys delicately its pensive wistfulness while the second is an anthemic ascension to grungy heaven, and while the lyrics are no embodiment of poetry you would struggle to find another tune that uses the word “tourniquet” in its libretto...!
On the first time buying and hearing Sixteen Stone and Razorblade Suitcase, I was astounded by, despite the common vantage that Bush are "better known outside of Britain than in it", the fact that I recognized a modicum of the songs: without a doubt I knew were "Glycerine", "Machinehead", "Comedown" and "Swallowed". I would discover that my father actually owned the Cassette Tape for Razorblade and the Cd for Sixteen ... so that is the genesis of that, I suppose...
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