Favorite Foo Fighters Song

From the ashes of Nirvana arose the Foo Fighters. Talk about Dave Grohl's phenomenally successful band as well as his other god-like genius projects here.

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Re: Favorite Foo Fighters Song

Post by incessantmace »

Overplayed hits the nail on the head. Even Everlong, although it probably will be thee Foo song to stand the test of time.

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Re: Favorite Foo Fighters Song

Post by tracheae »

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Re: Favorite Foo Fighters Song

Post by Jack_Armstrong »

My top ten for the Foos, in no particular order:

-I’ll Stick Around
-Wind Up (very underrated IMO)
-Learn To Fly
-Stacked Actors
-This Is A Call
-My Hero
-Friend Of A Friend
- Monkey Wrench

Other favourites of mine are Breakout, Over & Out, Best Of You, Let It Die, The Pretender and others.

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