Old School Rock in West Seattle Fest

Just say no (to religion), but don't say no to Coffin Break!

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Old School Rock in West Seattle Fest

Post by SayHello2Heaven » Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:52 pm

Seattlest told you about the Sub Pop Big Deal and a bunch of other live music happening this weekend, but we neglected to mention the acts appearing at West Seattle's Summer Fest. Shame on us, too, because the best (in this Seattlest's opinion) already came and went Friday night.

Recently reunited Coffin Break, a heavy grunge-era holdover, anchored the South Stage early in the evening.

For not having played live but a few times since late last year, they sounded fantastic. Energized. Their set attracted a sizable crowd of young punks, balding Gen-Xers, and rock contemporaries. We spotted Gary Westlake (and some other "He's in a band" dudes) looking on. Coffin Break's classic "Kill the President" (dedicated accordingly) garnered both hearty laughs and raised fists.

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands was the last (outdoor) act of the night, casually twanging through a set of sometimes bouncy, sometimes sway-inducing tunes. The country-ish sound drew happy families, enthused cutoffs-wearing dancing guys, and Westlake & Friends to the North Stage. Steve Turner, just another guy with a beard and child in the West Seattle street, was among Pickerel's fans.

As the Sumer Fest rolls through the weekend, so will more quality live music. We're not familiar with most of the acts appearing (excepting Kristen Ward and Carrie Akre), but the weather, saltwater breeze, and neighboring beer gardens will make for the perfect place to hear something new.

Credit: Seattlest
http://seattlest.com/2008/07/12/oldscho ... _at_we.php

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