I saw Coffin Break live!

Just say no (to religion), but don't say no to Coffin Break!

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I saw Coffin Break live!

Post by KristinNirvana »

So these guys are still around playing shows. I caught them at the Plaid Pig bar and venue in Tacoma last night. It was pretty cool to see them and hear songs I've been familiar with for years. They ended with "Kill the President." I'm glad they're still around and will probably see them again if I have the chance. Sorry the photos are crappy :P

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Re: I saw Coffin Break live!

Post by evee103 »

Whoa that's awesome! Didn't know they were still around. Funny thing I showed Justin "kill the president" like 2 weeks ago, gave him a lol. Such a good band!
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Re: I saw Coffin Break live!

Post by incessantmace »

Yeah I saw the gig announcement on FB and was like wtf are these guys still around?? Awesome you went there! :D
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