Cornell's voice has changed due to his quitting smoking?

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Re: Cornell's voice has changed due to his quitting smoking?

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Y2K-kyle wrote:
winston smith wrote:well, it`s not only because of smoking; cornell used to drink a lot of alcohol and do drugs... physical exhaustion, the effect of the alcohol on the voice and all that shit was what fucked up his voice... when he stopped using all that crap and probably started to practice his voice again, his voice indeed recuperated... not that he will ever be as good as he used to be, but he is definitely way better than 10 years ago... you should also take into account that he is a 40+ guy, so his voice aged a lot...
All of this and he can still sing. Not many singers can do what he did and sing well.
yeah, just listen to what happened to tom waits and leonard cohen because of all the smoking and drinking... add the fact that cornell has a bit more sensitive voice, for it`s pretty high-pitched, and add all the drugs and exhaustion, and you`ll see it`s really a small miracle that he can sing so good nowadays :lol: there are not many people who can do that... ozzy osbourne, mick jagger, etc., but they are only few...
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Re: Cornell's voice has changed due to his quitting smoking?

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I really like his voice from the old days, but can't find any videos from newer days with a quality where I actually can hear the music.
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Re: Cornell's voice has changed due to his quitting smoking?

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His voice actually sounds a little Lanegan-y now, probably due to the drinking and smoking. But his voice sounds ALMOST the same as it did twenty years ago, when he sings Beyond the Wheel or Jesus Christ Pose. It doesn't have the same impressive vibrato but he has the same range and most of the power... Compare that to his days in Audioslave, where he tried to sing higher and it would just come out as a scream. Quitting smoking, tons of practice, and maybe even just a more positive state of mind probably contributed to that.
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Re: Cornell's voice has changed due to his quitting smoking?

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Chris Cornells vocal range. If you wanna know what notes hes hitting watch the video on youtube. It shows in the description.
Video Description:
“Chris Cornell is the vocalist mostly known for his work in Soundgarden and Audioslave but also his solo albums and Temple of the Dog. Some people may mistake him as a tenor due to his ridiculous control up there, but he is actually a regular baritone (his timbre is purely baritonish) with quite strong low register and some of the most powerful high notes in the history of music: no wonder he keeps getting called as one of the greatest vocalists ever!”
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Re: Cornell's voice has changed due to his quitting smoking?

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Chris Cornell is my favorite vocalist ever and like I seriously try and listen to at least something from his discography everyday so my opinion as a mega-fan is that his voice kind of bottomed out in 2007. I have some live stuff from that era and sadly his voice just sounded real weak then and almost shot.

With Scream, in 2009, his voice has been on the rebound and on his new album 'songbook' there are some of the Temple of the Dog songs that he does almost as good as back in the day so he has almost fully like recovered now and is on the upswing and stuff. 8)
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