Is Jesus Christ Pose REALLY controversial?

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Re: Is Jesus Christ Pose REALLY controversial?

Post by Canucker »

Beeswax wrote:Every fucking song about religion is controversial... Look at Madonna's clip for Like a Virgin or Like a Prayer, I don't know which one is was, but there was a lot of fuzz about that vid too... Kinda stupid, but what can you do?
People supposedly lost they're shit over the Like A Prayer video....I think it was manufactured hype that turned into real hype....cus when they aired it at first they were all like "watch this before it gets banned cus its gonna get banned". People (again supposedly...I don't know who they are) had a problem with Madonna just being named Madonna so it was an easy way to stir the pot.
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Re: Is Jesus Christ Pose REALLY controversial?

Post by Stargazer »

I would never consider it controversial and I think anyone who does because it contains the words "Jesus Christ Pose" are nuts.

What do I say about tip-toeing around religious issues? screw that shit!!
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Re: Is Jesus Christ Pose REALLY controversial?

Post by KristinNirvana »

I also heard it was controversial because it had a woman on a cross, when really that was meant to symbolize the fact that if there ever were people hung up on crosses it more often would have been women do to all the sexism throughout times. Think women labeled as witches being tied up and burned at the stakes.
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Re: Is Jesus Christ Pose REALLY controversial?

Post by XsInMyEyes »

Controversially epic, in my humble opinion.
“JCP” twists together the worlds of a cathartic, bruising melody, noisy experimental guitar playing, and the commanding authority of Chris Cornell’s vocal power - when I first heart it I loved it and could not believe something of its nature existed! The more I heard it, the more I appreciated the individual on display there.
The 80s laid wasted to the raw, edgy roots of rock music, and here was Soundgarden putting a dagger through that decade’s shallow heart
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