Best Pixies Song

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Re: Best Pixies Song

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My top ten for Pixies:
1: “Dig for Fire”
2: “Bone Machine”
3: “Velouria”
4: “Where is my Mind”
5: “Gigantic”
6: “Break my Body”
7: “Wave of Mutilation”
8: “Stormy Weather”
9: “Cactus”
10: “Here comes your Man”

A necessity of upmost vitality for me is to own and listen to Trompe le Monde, my apprehension of this record is spotty at best and only fragments are known unto me.
I miss the comfort in being sad. Drive away and its the same, everywhere death row everyone’s a victim. It's hard to start things over, You can feel the fire around us, All the time

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