Whenever You're Ready...

Flop of the Pops! Whenever you're ready, it's time to talk about Seattle's greatest pop musicians. Also, feel free to discuss related bands like Pure Joy, Llama and Rusty Willoughby's solo material.

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Whenever You're Ready...

Post by SunnyJim »

Has got to be one of the catchiest, most lovable albums on earth. Amirite?
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Re: Whenever You're Ready...

Post by SayHello2Heaven »

Agreed. Although everything Flop does is pretty remarkeable.

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Re: Whenever You're Ready...

Post by Beeswax »

I like it 8D

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Re: Whenever You're Ready...

Post by Nathan »

The only flop I have dl'd, I enjoted this.

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Re: Whenever You're Ready...

Post by Luciditypro »

I need to get this album, I've heard some of their stuff, and it's great.
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Re: Whenever You're Ready...

Post by XsInMyEyes »

I own it, and it must be one of the rarest albums that I have
I love it, it bridges heavy-riffs, pop-infused harmonies, and rock-ready hooks. WYR builds a connection with the lives of these Seattle born and bred lads, and energises no end!
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