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Flop of the Pops! Whenever you're ready, it's time to talk about Seattle's greatest pop musicians. Also, feel free to discuss related bands like Pure Joy, Llama and Rusty Willoughby's solo material.

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Re: First taste

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By first taste do we mean something of the “how did you first get into Flop?” persuasion?
My friend ... who is a bit older than me, born in 1978, and from France ... is a fan of them. He loves grunge and suggested them when I started getting to like grunge.
I tried some of the songs from Whenever you’re Ready ... I adored them. Their attack stance of combining shattering powerchords and poppy harmonies was wonderous and revolutionary for its time. Rusty as a songsmith distantly echoes a Seattlite Difford-Tilbrook... very sophisticated. I own the Whenever youre Ready album, I love it and it definitely takes me the listener on a peregrination Through a plethora of emotions.

Fans in Seattle arent especially common, it would so appear. But Flop fans in Eurasia are especially few-and-far-between. They supported the Posies here in 1993-4, and a few know from that.
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