According to Wikipedia...

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According to Wikipedia...

Post by boxcar »

The band has a song about Kurt Cobain. Does anyone know which song they are referring to?
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Re: According to Wikipedia...

Post by SayHello2Heaven »

hmmm. Very intresting. I wonder what song it is, because I don't hear a reference to Kurt in any of their songs on "World Of Today". It could be very subtle and I don't notice it. If I had to put an educated guess i'd say it might be "Idle Hands", just by the way the lyrics sound to me. But I never knew Flop or Rusty would write a song for Kurt, intresting.

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Re: According to Wikipedia...

Post by XsInMyEyes »

Kicking this thread for the first time in nine years, I feel this has to be clarified, because I wondered about this for ages too.
Wikipedia does make a (totally unverified) claim that one of the songs on World Of Today deals with the death of Kurt Cobain. I generally have this down as "April Ate Our World". Firstly because Cobain died in April, and the lyric "embodied in poetic words" I took to be a reference to Cobain as a songwriter. That's mostly it, obviously I could be totally wrong, but that's my interpretation.
Wiloughby is a noted fan of Cobain.
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