Courtney's Autobiography-Lack Of Progress

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Courtney's Autobiography-Lack Of Progress

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When Courtney announced that she was writing a memoir, I was quite excited. I felt that Courtney had quite an interesting story to tell, and could actually pull back the curtain and unshroud a lot of the myths that have spurted up around her and Kurt, even if she is in the habit of creating some of them herself. I thought that we were going to get quite a riveting read. When I heard that it seemed ready to go by Christmas 2013, and that Anthony Bozza was the co-writer, I grew even more excited. Bozza is one of the premier rock star ghostwriters, probably second only to David Ritz, and Slash's book is still considered one of the best of such books ever made. Clearly, Bozza could shape an intelligent, sympathetic, incredibly human story out of Courtney's life.

Then came the news that Courtney had completely rejected the manuscript and referred to it as "too tell-all" and "me jacked up on sugar and caffeine." Since then, Courtney has been trying in vain to rework the the book more along her vision, and has been sued by Bozza for non-payment for his services. Courtney also says that the book will not go past the year 2006, and her most recent talk about it has revealed that she hasn't even written about Kurt because she doesn't know how to approach "something that people always handle with kid gloves."

Personally, if I was Courtney, I would've have just let Bozza's version out. It surely would've been a best-seller, and Bozza was probably far more sympathetic than Courtney will admit. I just feel quite frustrated and gypped at the way that Courtney has taken the whole matter.

Also, on a different not, I'm still smarting over the fact that Tokyopop ended up bankrupt and that the last volume of the sequel series for Princess Ai was never published. And it still hasn't, even though Tokyopop emerged from bankruptcy and has published some of the material it had been sitting on, like the finale of Bizenghast.

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Re: Courtney's Autobiography-Lack Of Progress

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If it gets released though... Cover to cover...

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