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Re: Hole news thread

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She's mellowed out in past ten years or so. Which is expected, it would be corny to scream teenage whore at your 50's. I haven't actually listened to the whole song, I knew it came out and tried from the beginning but not my cup of tea right now. Still love all the earlier stuff though, even though I don't listen to it as religiously as I used to.
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Re: Hole news thread

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heavenlybanana wrote: Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:43 pm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IHTLP6gx-U

What do you guys think about Courtney's new song?
How is it 9 months into its existence that I am only getting my ears around the Courtney Love song “Mother”...
It is a little bit too overproduced as is par the course of music in the current climate, but hell there is music that is worse for it...
But sonically, it is nice to hear Courtney Love mellowed out, and the slow, melancholic style suits many artists later in life, often making for a highly listenable and engaging effort. The change of pace from darker soft-rock to a more punchy grunge t’ward the end for definite drew me in that little bit more.
Overall, it makes for a refreshing listen! Taking into consideration the era of its release it scores eight out of ten. If new Courtney/Hole material was created in that vein, I would gladly buy and listen to it :-)
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