Steve Albini interview

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Steve Albini interview

Post by matty3198 »

Hi i just did an interview with Steve Albini, tell me what you think about it . ... interview/

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Re: Steve Albini interview

Post by infinitegrunge »

Nice interview. Good questions.

I found a typo:
"What do you think vinyl coming back in a small way?"

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Re: Steve Albini interview

Post by sadie »

I just love him. A good interview.
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Honestly, the biggest problem with music has always been the encroachment of outside industry into what functions best as a self-sufficient community, and that hasn't changed. The difference is that now the record business is only a small influence relative to the corporate influence over live venues, ticket sales, merchandising and sponsorship. To the extent bands keep their shit together and manage their own affairs, now is a better time than ever to be in a band. You can record really efficiently, put a video on YouTube, release albums on Bandcamp, sell your merchandise using PayPal, fund bigger projects on Kickstarter, press up your own albums, book your own tours and keep all the money. It's totally conceivable to run a band as a small business now, and that's a new and radical development. Anybody complaining about the new paradigm has simply refused to take advantage of it, and for a street-level musician the change in the industry has been fantastic. Whenever I see some industry dinosaur pining for the old days of the sharecropper system the big labels operated on I feel about the same way I did watching the Quincy episode about punk rock. Bitching about how different things are now betrays a profound and malignant kind of stupid. ... ni-th.html
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Re: Steve Albini interview

Post by incessantmace »

I mean he's not wrong in a number of aspects regarding running a band as "a small, self-sufficient business". On the other hand, show me the band that pays its mortgage that way? I mean ticket monipolies and the lack of long-term artist development aside, it's definitely a self-exploiting enterprise to run a band the way Albini pictures it, so those bands who could rely on label support in the past but never broke humungously big have a problem.
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