First/Fave Grunge Album?

This is a board for discussion about grunge on the whole. Stuff that doesn't relate to specific bands alone can go in here. Feel free to share with us how you discovered grunge and give your opinion as to what grunge is to you.

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Re: First/Fave Grunge Album?

Post by CurlyFry »

SKUNCHBAG wrote:My first grunge album was Ozma. My brother gave it to me as a present during my metalhead years and said "Blast this shit".

And, as for favorites,

1· Fist sized chunks
2· Giftless
3· Fast stories from kid coma
4· I think I'm gonna be sick
5· Soup
(List goes on)
Ah, dude, Fist Sized Chunks. Brilliant album!
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Re: First/Fave Grunge Album?

Post by Curmudgeon »

First was Nevermind, on cassette. The check-out person must have been new, because she didn't remove the plastic anti-theft device that it was encased in. I remember sitting in the car struggling to get the damn thing off.

My favorite though, that's a really tough choice. I'm going to say either Gluey Porch Treatments, I LOVE the sound of the guitars on that one, or maybe Superunknown.
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Re: First/Fave Grunge Album?

Post by otherimprov »

First is Bleach on cassette and favorite is Above
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Re: First/Fave Grunge Album?

Post by Seven_Superunknown »

Ten is the best album by far for me... I´m pretty disappointed about backspace, but I love Pearl Jam anyways! :-) (Pearl jam MTV unplugged is a must see ;-) ).

After ten there is Superunknown from Soudgarden I really like.

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Re: First/Fave Grunge Album?

Post by Z_Punk »

My first grunge album was Deep Six I bought in a local record store. As for my favorite, that's a really tough choice for me to make lol.
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Re: First/Fave Grunge Album?

Post by Tropical Steve »

Favorite is probably bleach or freakshow(silverchair) if that counts
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