Grungiest songs by non-grunge artists.

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Grungiest songs by non-grunge artists.

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There might not be a sign more telling that you're hooked on grunge when you sling on a record by someone normally not known for rocking out the Seattle sound, and you hear one of their songs and think "this would have sounded right at home being played in some smoke-filled bar in Seattle in the days of 89"... some examples!
White Zombie, "Creature of the Wheel"

Bringing to the table a harsh, sludgy chugging approach to the riff side of things, this its very much the kin of songs like "Blew", "Dam that River" and "Grind"...
Manic Street Preachers ... a few things by them including "Archives of Pain"

"Archives" starts with a bass, which its really the ultimate way of getting that tortured, gloomy aura you hear on the likes of "Would?", again "Blew"... before following the verse up with some pure sludge-rock riffing courtessy of James Dean Bradfield.

There's a few grungy tracks of theirs... "She Bathed Herself in a Bath of Bleach", "Peeled Apples" (both of which were technically produced by Steve Albini, so there ye go), Nicky Wire described "You Stole the Sun from my Heart" as the missing link betwixt New Order and Nirvana, "No Surface All Feeling"...
Elvis Costello ... "45".

Two songs - he had an album 8 years before KC died which was like the bridge between grunge and New-wave, but this song was released 8 years after in 2002... and is 8 times grungier than the majority of his output, mining the quiet-loud Nevermind dynamics to wonderful effect.
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