The age old question

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Which City Produces A Better 'Grunge' Sound

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The age old question

Post by SayHello2Heaven »

After several posts by me in the Grunge Bands Past Section, I discovered I post a shit load of bands from Portland. I can't answer why, but I do really love a lot of music coming out of Oregon for some reason. And this got me thinking, we all love and adore our Seattle and Washington bands, however it's kinda hard to compare the sounds coming from Portland and Seattle. They both have their own twist to the music they produced, they added their own spice and you can hear it with every single band coming from those respective cities.

So the biggest question ever on this forum is.....Which city and/or state produces the best "grunge" sound, or a better overall sound not related to grunge. Before anyone votes in the poll, mind you both cities have their fair share of very impressive grunge bands, and non-grunge bands....Take your time :wink:
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Re: The age old question

Post by Pharaoh »

Seattle is still the undisputed King Of Grunge to me
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Re: The age old question

Post by BrutalGeek »

Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Microsoft... Seattle all the Way man
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Re: The age old question

Post by P A I V »

Although I love Crackerbash and Pond, and I generally like the city more than Seattle in the glimpse I got of both on my road trip...Seattle will always be my favorite. Not only did three of the big four come from Seattle, but all my favorite lesser known Grunge bands also came from Seattle.
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Re: The age old question

Post by XsInMyEyes »

SEATTLE — and he/she who tries ... to question that... will be wasted!
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