Best grunge guitarist????????

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Who iz da best gronge gweetawrieste?

Kurt Cobain
Kim Thayil
Jerry Cantrell
Mike McCready
Steve Turner
Stone Gossard
Gary Lee Connor
Tad Doyle
Total votes: 52

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Re: Best grunge guitarist????????

Post by ScreamingLife »

Mike is a good guitarist, his solos are pretty great, but the skill is in the creation. A lot of people can re-draw a Picaso, but nobody could create art like him, which is why he is one of the best. Jerry wrote like 90 something percent of the guitar in AiC, so I think he is better than Mike. Kim is a pretty original guitarist, and I think he is great, but his non guitar solo contributions to the band were alot less than most people think, Chris wrote the guitar parts for most of their best songs. Also props to Stoney Gossard.
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Re: Best grunge guitarist????????

Post by Luciditypro »

Well, since I look up to him So much as a guitarist, I'm going to vote Jerry.
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Re: Best grunge guitarist????????

Post by mad_submarine »

This is the hardest question ever. My fav band is Alice in Chains, and yeah, of course I would vote about the guy who created my favourite songs but on the other hand, Screaming trees have some unbelievably good solos and stuff, also, Stoney will always be the one who got me into grunge..and fuck yeah, he created Alive.
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Re: Best grunge guitarist????????

Post by XsInMyEyes »

Jerry Cantrell, of course.
The playing of Jerry Cantrell is the best ever at conveying pure, unrelenting emotion through his riffs, hooks and solos.
His tortured ringing that embellishes "Rooster" illustrates perfectly the fear and anguish of a soldier in Vietnam.
"Dam that River" is kicked into life by bone-crushing macho-thrash which couldn't better set the scene for recounting his violent past with a band-mate.
Launching into "Again" with a sludgy, violent riff, Cantrell drags us into the torturous world of the abusive relationship the song describes.
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