Mark Lanegan Demo

Talk about the formidable Screaming Trees, the first band I ever saw live (opening for Soul Asylum and Spin Doctors in the early 90s).

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Mark Lanegan Demo

Post by Grungy »

Any of you got a song named "Down in the Dark",by Mark Lenegan and Kurt Cobain ? When was it recorded ?
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Post by maspain8707 »

I'm not sure haven't heard of it but I can look into it if you'd like me too. 8)
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Post by agentmoulder254 »

Baby you're going Down In The Dark
Show my lonely night is fallen and I don't have very long
Think [ I ] might of broke my boil
Within my face might burn
You're gonna make it better for a little while

Baby you're gonna die someday
See you in your crowded wasted , then you start to fade
That when we start singing faster
I wouldn't wait so long
Won't get any easier in the Dark

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeahh
You Will, You Will, You Will....

According to the site I'm at it says it was originally by Mark, but then covered by Nirvana. It wasn't on an official album so I don't know when it came out.
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Post by Christina Cornell »

I'll look for it on WinMX
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Post by March2Fuzz »

Yeh, exactly. I have it on casette
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Post by Angst-Ridden »

Dude you gotta get bear share, i got the song off there it was pretty cool
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Post by Angst-Ridden »

oh bear share is a programme similar to kazaa or like wire... you can download it for free off the internet and it allows you to download music off of other people and they can download it off you thats why its called bear share because you share music. I use it to hear what bands that ive never heard of sound like.... its all free, i dont know if its legal they claim it is, anyway i suggest you download it
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Post by HereComesThatWeirdChill »

Yea, Down in the Dark is an excellent song off if Mark Lanegan's first solo album.
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