Blind Horse - Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam?

Love rock extraordinaires! Between Malfunkshun and Pearl Jam there was Mother Love Bone.

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Re: Blind Horse - Pearl Jam?

Post by Mithaearon »

Had to come up with it after being called crazy so much whilst growing up :P

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Re: Blind Horse - Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam?

Post by Lithium »

good call :D
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Re: Blind Horse - Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam?

Post by SolidusAKA »

So i finally figured out what this song is from and who the band is. It is not MLB or Pearl Jam but rather the band that Bruce Fairweather and Greg Gilmore joined briefly after MLB disbanded, which is in fact Blind Horse. The lead singer is Chris Tilden, who I have never heard of. Other than that these guys never released anything and broke up after only making a demo. There is more information in the "more info" section in the youtube link that the guy added recently. Pretty interesting for whats there.

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Re: Blind Horse - Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam?

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I just stumbled over these guys, here's a current video of the Mystery track, not too bad at all.
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Re: Blind Horse - Mother Love Bone/Pearl Jam?

Post by boxcar »

I know this song is older than Vs because I had this demo on something before Vs even came out. I'd guess PJ used it as a demo to send to perspective clubs to showcase who they are/were, because this tape also had "Hold Your Head Up" with what sounds like Andy singing as well as early versions of TEN songs plus stuff like "Just A Girl" and "Alone". It was a great bootleg to listen to back when I was hungry for new PJ and waiting for vs.
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