Andy Woods B-Day To Be Honored?

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Andy Woods B-Day To Be Honored?

Post by SayHello2Heaven »

Being a sports fan, I had to post this. There is an online petition for everyone who loves Andy Wood and MLB for the Seattle Seahawks (NFL team) to honor him at a game on his birthday this saturday. Just send the team an e-mail and tell them to honor him...It'll be pretty cool to see for me at least.

Also, figured this was pretty ironic:

Catch a special live musical performance by Michael Wilton and Chris DeGarmo (QUEENSRŸCHE), Mike Inez (ALICE IN CHAINS) and Ben Smith (HEART) this Saturday, January 8 at the Seattle Seahawks playoff game (half time) against the New Orleans Saints at Seattle's Qwest Field. Also scheduled to appear is former GUNS N' ROSES and current VELVET REVOLVER bassist Duff McKagan, according to a posting on Duff's wife Susan Holmes McKagan's Twitter profile.

The game airs on NBC at 1:30 p.m. PST. Check local listings for details.

Credit: Blabbermouth ... mID=151863

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Re: Andy Woods B-Day To Be Honored?

Post by ISayFuckYouSay... »

Queensryche + AIC = Spys4Darwin :P

I would love to see a tribute!

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Re: Andy Woods B-Day To Be Honored?

Post by Beeswax »

Yeah, would be great! :D

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Re: Andy Woods B-Day To Be Honored?

Post by corptkm »

Happy Birthday to a long lost friend: Andrew (Lovechild) Patrick. Wood

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