MLB + Shawn Smith on vocals

Love rock extraordinaires! Between Malfunkshun and Pearl Jam there was Mother Love Bone.

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MLB + Shawn Smith on vocals

Post by Mithaearon »

Mother Love Bone members playing Argents "Hold Your Head Up" with Shawn Smith on vocals, April 14, 2010 at the Showbox in Seattle.

"Holy Roller" rehearsals

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Re: MLB + Shawn Smith on vocals

Post by otherimprov »

Nice song.
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Re: MLB + Shawn Smith on vocals

Post by Beeswax »

Hey, thanks for posting that :D Really nicely done, but offcourse Shawn doesn't have the same energy in his voice as Andy, but he did a great job. :)

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Re: MLB + Shawn Smith on vocals

Post by cobalt »

oh I love that Holy Roller bassline :)
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Re: MLB + Shawn Smith on vocals

Post by Paul1966 »

Soundwise I thought it was great, but they just don't move around onstage the way they used to
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