Soaked In Bleach

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Re: Soaked In Bleach

Post by Sorlag »

I just watched it, I tried to be really open and unbiased, to listen to what it has to say, but the documentary really did it's best to set off my bs alarm. I found it ridiculously overdramatized, predisposed and perverted. Tom Grant has a some serious loose screws!! I can't recall if there was a single moment I appreciated, or well, the 3D rendition of Kurt shooting himself over and over for five minutes was pretty darn morbid and I'm into the morbid I guess :)
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Re: Soaked In Bleach

Post by Grunge_Chick »

Thom and I FINALLY watched Soaked in Bleach last night. I already had my views on his death and the movie didn't change them. The information presented isn't new and if you have researched the case you likely have you mind made up and this film won't change it. With that said, I thought it was well done. I enjoyed the way they pieced it together and the actual audio combined with reenactments. It was different and I appreciated that.

I know a lot of people think Tom Grant is a loony toon but I don't get that vibe at all. For the most part I feel the interviews were sincere. I enjoyed it and Thom and I were able to have a good discussion about the evidence after which I think helped us both piece some things together.

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Re: Soaked In Bleach

Post by swamptoad »

Looks like a somewhat interesting preview. Sure its gonna probably be over-dramatized. That's what draws people in to it more. Even shortly after I learned that he had died, when I was a teen. I believed it at first …. but did not want to believe it … including all of my friends … and we still refuse to believe that he killed himself to this very day when we discussed books, documentaries, how different Kurt and Courtney were ..something seemed to not add up to a suicide.

I have liked both bands "Nirvana" and "Hole". There's interesting reads all across the internet about suicide or murder. Sadly, money has the potential to manipulate people, the power to keep people quiet, and the power to corrupt truth with lies. But, sadly, that's nothing new. That's why there are so very many cold cases re-opened for investigation purposes. Even facts from history books can be changed whenever a fact has been proven to be false due to further evidence resurfacing.

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