gibby haynes and HIS PROBLEM

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Re: gibby haynes and HIS PROBLEM

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I love this interview

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Re: gibby haynes and HIS PROBLEM

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I kind of knew he would look like that.

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Re: gibby haynes and HIS PROBLEM

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victorray wrote:hey this is shandon ,i play in the meat puppets new cd lollipop in stores april 12th 2011 BUT before i played w/ the kirkwoods i played on gibby 2004 solo cd HIS PROBLEM,has anybody heard the cd??red neck sex.kiaser,stop foolin,dream machine..its a great record..any butthole fans have the cd??go to youtube and type in gibby and his problem you can hear the track DREAM MACHINE..the art work is cool ,a BUBBLE man,plus there is some shows we did with ween..on youtube..anyway gibby rules..he's cool dude..and a freaking talented guy..he just had a kid...a boy,sooo congrats to gibb..if ya havent heard cd yet you can still buy it or order it online..its on surf dog rec.
What did you play? You can tell the meats that I was in the giant indy record store in Toronto yesterday (The one in Scott Pilgrim...but they changed locations) and in they're vintage shirts section the Meatpuppets was the most expensive tshirt there. It was a To Tough To Die shirt...which I figure would be the least rare shirt of theirs? and it was $50.

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