Lame things bands do on peeves

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Re: Lame things bands do on peeves


People can't be sumarized for easy reference, stereotypes are stupid, and generalizitations aren't very accurate most of the time. I know that. Still, I have my reasons to form my own general distrust, and there's no need for you to understand or try to change that.
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SKUNCHBAG wrote:You're a fool if you believe our sexuality does not affect the way we think and feel.
Thats the gayest thing I've ever heard.
I agree.
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Re: Lame things bands do on peeves

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Bring their political views into their performances :roll:
Thankfully, few bands are so egotistical and entitled -- but there's a massive difference between integrating one's opinions into their music; which is artistic and intelligent... and yelling about your opinions on stage, because that isn't clever in the slightest, its just shallow, angry virtue-signalling which is inevitably going to cause fights and arguments among fans.
It won't make your music fair any better commercially -- people listen to bands and artists because they enjoy and appreciate their artistic creations, not because they like the way you think -- but it may drive potential fans away from your music if you're just going to alienate folk who think differently (yes, Ted Nugent and Billy Joe Armstrong, I'm looking at you lads), one of the beautiful things about music is that it brings people together, and at least some-- R.E.M, Foo Fighters, Kiss, Sex Pistols --- are able to recognize this.
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Re: Lame things bands do on peeves

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Hmmmmm I don't know really. If it's an outspoken political act like RATM I kind of expect them to do that. There should be some amount of congruence between a band's or an artist's agenda and general profile and what they say and do on stage.
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