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Re: Cool band names

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Re: Cool band names

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Re: Cool band names


my band would be called asshole. and if they try to ban us for it, we'll just change it to acewhole.
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Re: Cool band names

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For when I start my band, which I hope to heaven is sooner instead of later, I have already selected the name “Thompson Narrative”.
Firstly, the etymology, years ago Mr Thompson taught me English during my teenage days, and he refused ever to use the word “story”, “book” or even “novel” — instead he would always substitute these words with “narrative”.
Secondly, it puts me in mind of 60s band names including Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground and Fairport Convention — those were such good bands, and part of the reason they made such a connection with me was that their names got me interested; I suppose I aspire for an element of that in what I do.
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