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The Massachusetts band who 'emerged from the depths of hardcore’s primeval sump'

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Re: Favorite Song

Post by incessantmace »

Feel the Pain, easy choice. And great video! :D
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by brainchild »

:o I can't believe no ones mentioned sludgefeast.... what an awesome tune... wicked lyrics, real filthy yet soulful guitar playing... Dinosaur Jr. rule man!!


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Re: Favorite Song

Post by otherimprov »

Dinosaur Jr rules. Its one of the non grunge band that i like most. There's one more, Sonic youth. Feel the pain is okay but KIck theglove is my fav
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by Onion Rat »

Dino rules! I love the whole 'Whatever's cool with me'-album, it's amazing! My favourite song is Pebbles + Weeds!
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by FeedMyEyes »

Get Me
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by Cantrell25 »

"Feel The Pain"
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by KristinNirvana »

Feel the Pain, though I also love The Wagon.
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by slatesphanboi »

'What Else is New'!! :D

One of the best things about a Dino song is Js guitar solo, so it is sweet when J just straight starts out a song with a mini-intro solo! Like you are getting some dessert right at the beginning.

Also the song is bottom-endy and has that mid-tempo beat that I like.

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Re: Favorite Song

Post by cupid_come_as_u_r »

My favorites:
Forget the Swan
No Bones
Let It Ride
How'd You Pin That One On Me?
Whatever's Cool With Me
Start Choppin'
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by GrungeHo69 »

I like "See You."
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by swamptoad »

"the wagon" and "in a jar"
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Re: Favorite Song

Post by XsInMyEyes »

“Freak Scene” is still the one
“I don’t think So” reminds me of Squeeze so that’s a close second.
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