Music Festivals for Suckers!!!!!

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Music Festivals for Suckers!!!!!

Post by Canucker » Sun May 13, 2018 5:46 pm

Not sure how many of you are in bands that have looked into playing City Wide Type festivals.... you know the ones that advertise 50 clubs hosting Hundreds of bands over Three days or something like that......BUT MAN ARE THEY SHIT SHOWS!!!
They are designed to look like amazing opportunities for bands to be seen by hundreds of people and get a big break and be noticed but they are just a total scam. Here in Ontario we have NXNE (North By North East).....its the Canadian version of South By South West (thats in Texas)....and CMW just ended (Canadian Music Week)........ The way bands get on these things is (if they don't have some kind of connection) they can apply online to be selected....BUT you have to be a member of the web site Sonic Bids....FIRST you have to pay a subscription fee to be listed on the site.....they don't tell you up front what that cost have to go through the steps of setting up a profile first.....then you can select how long you want to be a member. THEN if you want to apply to different festivals you can look at what IT COSTS YOU for them to review your EPK (Electronic Press basically your page on their site) to see if you will be selected...... so not only are you not going to make money for playing their festival you are going to PAY THEM for the honour of play or the honour of not getting to play. The festivals put out a call for Volunteers to work at shows so again there are more people not getting paid.

At one point bands were clamouring to play these shows because they imagined getting nobody gets signed so I really don't know why they do it.

Does anyone have experience with these things? I do but didn't want to write a rant so long that nobody would read it.

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