Download 2013 baby!

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Re: Download 2013 baby!

Post by Zodiac_n_Black » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:41 am

PJAICfan wrote:
Scarabola wrote:Dyou know how many songs on average each band plays?

And I never knew you were a Mastodon fan, Kevin. :)
Yeah man, mastodon are pretty damn good, not something I'd listen to all the time but definitely not a bad band by any means
My two pennies worth... Mastodon are a fantastic band and all of their output has been to such a high standard. When Crack The Skye came out I listened to it non-stop for weeks, until I went to see them on their first time round on the Crack The Skye tour. They played the album in it's entirety and it was really bad. The vocals were terrible and the band looked sort of uncomfortable. Once they finished playing the album they came on and played 15 minutes of older material and blew the room off the place. Went to see them about 7/8 months later and exactly the same thing, the encore was amazing but the rest was poo. So I didn't bother going to see them on The Hunter tour as that is even more vocal-heavy. The Hunter is a fantastic album though, killer songs.
Debut album out now, listen to the whole thing on Soundcloud here ...


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Re: Download 2013 baby!

Post by TGPlayer1 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:05 pm Incase anybody wants to know
totally unashamed self promotion


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