Next Concert your going to??

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Re: Next Concert your going to??

Post by sadie » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:53 am

I'm still high from the Lanegan gig. What a wonderful man. I'm gonna do a copypaste, can't bother to write it all up again. Aku took few videos, but I'm too lazy to upload them, and they're not whole songs. Anyway, if any of you have the chance, go check him up this tour, the band is in such a good shape that there's no limit! Bought a tshirt, got my book and Gargoyle and Has God Seen My Shadow signed up. He said there's a chance for another book too, which is really great. Also, everyone should check out Christine Owman, she's a goddess! (I had something else to say too, but I just totally forgot..)
Yesterday was so. Good. Way better than I even expected! I was 3 seconds away from panic attack most of the gig, but I stayed ahead of it and survived until the end, and managed to relax for the signing. Yes, I was a bit awkward (especially on the photos) but I managed to open my mouth and actually speak 😂 great success! I also got a hug from the great Christine Owman, she's sure is something special 💜 I'd have so much to say, but I'll just shut up now. (oh I almost forgot, front row! Crucial for someone with little legs!)
Lanegan was really relaxed and smiley the whole gig. It was a bit confusing at first, but really nice cause he really seemed to enjoy being up there. Also, he was zero awkward at the signing. (all this might be cause he had his wonderful gf with him, both on stage and the signing, and the band sounded sooo good.) The Circus gig was good, but this was waaay better. Also, both Christine Owman and Joe Cardamone killed it. I rarely like the warm ups as much as I did now.
Also, setlist
Death's Head Tattoo
The Gravedigger's Song
Hit the City

Deepest Shade(The Twilight Singers cover)
Bleeding Muddy Water
Harborview Hospital
Ode to Sad Disco
Riot in My House
One Hundred Days
Harvest Home

Floor of the Ocean
Come to Me
Methamphetamine Blues

One Way Street

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Re: Next Concert your going to??

Post by Jack_Armstrong » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:32 am

Foo Fighters.

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