Kurt Cobain speaks.

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Kurt Cobain speaks.

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Hello all. This will be the only time I post here, as my life was stolen from me by a hack. I thought it only fair if I post what would have been my true suicide note besides the one you all are familiar with. It's posted below.


to whom it may concern;

this note may affect you greatly, and for that I am sorry. I've tried oh so very hard to live out a full, solid existence since I was put on this earth to rape, maime and obliterate your hearing with my extreme rage hate and pain for everything and everyone on this god forsaken planet. You are all very aware of my hate for all of you. It has began since birth and has grown into an unsurmountable fource. I've tried to love in my lifetime but that has failed me as well. I've loved only one other person and she's from a different life. There will be no other like her, and for that I am also sorry. Every day that passes I live in severe turmoil that cannot be expressed with words. The pain I feel deep inside is beyond any red haze that can not be justifed. I am an idiot when it comes to words, but for this letter, the right ones are truly there. I would rather eat shit than have a single conversation with any one of you on this planet. I love my father and only him and for that fact I will be sorry when he wakes in the morning and hears the news. I cannot live for his love alone and only his. I need my wife. Only her. I am aware that I am leaving you without the strength to continue. I shutter to think how many deaths this one will result in after I'm gone. But I will be too busy laughing my ass off in never never land all by my lonesome. Just the way I like it. Someone has stolen my life and filled yours with lies. If I don't sound like a poet, then shoot me -- oh, too late (smile). I am not doing this because I hate myself. I actually love myself more than you could imagine. I'm number one. Concete, maybe. But not without remorse. I'm probably going to hell for that if it exists. But it doesn't so I'm in the clear. I have to take a break for a cigarette with my wife. ...........I'm back. You see, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy. And so did your "hero" Kurt Donald. But she wasn't Courtney Love. I don't know how he let her into our lives but he did. And now he's dead. Murder. Not suicide. I am leaving no doubt to the ones reading this that this is truly suicide as I am boarding up my whole house. No false entries. I hear your tears. I acknowledge them, but I am not sorry for them. I would cry too if I lost myself. But I've never lost myself I've only found it again and again. Pure love for my existence. I truly was the most astounding person alive. You can't count the number of times I've lept off of stage to bruise some asshole just there for a good time. Oh well. That's my rage hate and pain speaking. I was born this way. Kurt Cobain is the largest rock star name on earth. SInce I can't play guitar for shit, I had to live up to it some how. Fighting and brauling come natural. I'm running out of words so I will say this: Got a picture of your house, and your standing by the door... it's black and white and faded and it's lookin' pretty worn. See the factory out of work... siloutted in the back.... memories come rushing back and it makes it pretty hard... I don't need to be the king of the world as long as I 'm the hero of this little girl.

And I was. Every second I breathed I was the hero of that little girl. I am not doing this for glory, for jim morrison who ever that fucking wanker is.... or freddie mercury. I am not doing it to burn out or fade away. I am doing it because it consumes my thoughts every day. I'd rather be dead than breath one more breath of air with all of you. Sorry dad. I know i will be missed. Please do not take this with a grain of salt -- whatever the fuck that means. And as many deaths that will follow mine, please do not take your own. Not you. Keep going. for me. Just for me. I love you.

Love Always, (to my dad only)

Kurt Cobain
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Re: Kurt Cobain speaks.

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Re: Kurt Cobain speaks.

Post by Pennyroyaltea »

Kurt was American, why would he use the term "wanker"?

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Then you put your spell on him and Jerry shall be yours.

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Re: Kurt Cobain speaks.

Post by otherimprov »

Eat your water and drink your vegetables
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Re: Kurt Cobain speaks.

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"I've loved only one other person and she's from a different life." - We all know who you are. I thought you said you were gone for good?

You're a moron. Get fucked.
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Re: Kurt Cobain speaks.

Post by Schneider »

I saw him on my bus the other day. He's alive and well in Splott. That's why he uses British spelling, see. :wink:
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Re: Kurt Cobain speaks.

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Father and I saw him on tv in the crowd at a Chelsea football match, forget who they were playing.

(yes it did happen and it looked like him, a lot)
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