Favorite Nirvana Album

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Favorite NIRVANA Album?

In Utero
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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

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Sorlag wrote:
Checks wrote:
Seriallyiller wrote:You did not include hoarmoaning.
Think it meant Studio Albums :lol:
Insecticide isn't a studio album :wink:
Wait..really? :shocking:
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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

Post by TheBrothersMudd »

In Utero, because of noise! and Steve Albini kicks ass!

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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

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I think nevermind

But I also think Insesticide because in anyresum scream he never seemed to do that scream live as he did in the albulm

Must have just been on the day recording

I think its his bes scream out of all the songs is anyresum

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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

Post by sadie »

“And here’s the tragedy of that [Nirvana Unplugged] show: The minute the last note finished ringing out, all the record company suits jump on Kurt like fuckin’ flies on shit. I couldn’t hear them, but I knew what they were saying: ‘Is this okay? Are we going to do another song?’ And my heart just sank for the guy. He’s just put on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen—and I’ve been to thousands of rock shows—and now he has to deal with these fuckin’ leeches making sure that they don’t need to shoot some more, because their mouths are so wrapped around MTV’s cock.”
— Seaweed singer Aaron Stauffer, who attended Nirvana’s Nov. 18, 1993, taping of MTV Unplugged, from Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge
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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

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Thanks for the behind the scenes Sadie
I really do love Nirvana's Unplugged, it really does go a long way towards why I play the music I do. Only wish that they had done Sliver, Krist started to play it when Kurt asks for request and someone shouts out for it.

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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

Post by redrum »

Glad to see so many people liking Bleach the most. Picked that myself, and are sick of all the nevermind-hype. Nevermind is a good record with some great songs (Territorial Pissings, Lounge Act, Breed), but too much annoying stuff as Polly, Come as you are, lithium and smells like teen spirit. Bleach is their best because of it's raw sound and the sick lyrics. It is the first Nirvana record I picked up, and I can't stop listening too it. I also think it's their most grungiest.

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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

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Seeing Nirvana perform 'Nevermind' songs on MTV back in the day and then buying the album was my entrance into Alternative Rock and I shall always be indebted to that album and band and to Kurt personally for that.

Oh and buy the way, what is with this 'too polished' non-sense? Territorial Pissings is not too polished and oh yeah Steve Albini himself just recently came out in some interview and said Butch Vig did a good job at producing 'nevermind'.


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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

Post by Bleach »

In Utero. Kick-ass songs, A1 production, everything just everything. Nevermind is a close second.

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Re: Favorite Nirvana Album

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