Who do you like more?

Before Pearl Jam there was Mother Love Bone, before Mother Love Bone there was...Malfunkshun!

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Malfunkshun vs. Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone
Total votes: 20

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Who do you like more?

Post by boxcar »

This part of the board is too quiet. Who do you like better? Do you wish Andy would have stayed with Malfunkshun or maybe Mother Love Bone was his best work?
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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by SayHello2Heaven »

Mother Love Bone easily. Malfunkshun was, to some degree Andy's high school band, when he and the rest of the guys got to MLB they were more developed, had a lot of musical expereince under their belt and clicked. Malfunkshun was good, but they seemed to lack in certain areas. When everyone got to MLB everyone was experienced and knew how to make a great band....Semmed like they all gelled.

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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by Beeswax »

Mother Love Bone. Sure, maybe Malfunkshun's sound was more "grunge" (with MLB being rather glam), but musically, MLB was far ahead of MF. For me, Malfunkshun was just a try-out, before MLB, because you can hear quite clearly that everyone evolved. Sad that MLB didn't last long, who knows what may have come out of that group... Maybe they would've been Nirvana, if you know what I mean. :)

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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by mad_submarine »

Hahaaa, I'm the only one who voted Malfunkshun! And it is that way for me, let's explain why. Firstly, to me Return to Olympus is one of the albums to define 'grunge' sound. This is how grunge should sound - rough, honest and quick. And yeah, that album is also in the top of my favourites <3
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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by Desiderus »

Return to Olympus was probably a more grungy recording than anything they did in MLB, but I voted for MLB because I really get happy whenever I listen to them :)
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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by inzedit »

I voted MLB, cause Malfunkshun, to me, is only one the first attempts to create a new sound. I found MLB more complete, but unfortunately less rough!
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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by nicos »

Beeswax wrote:Mother Love Bone. Sure, maybe Malfunkshun's sound was more "grunge" (with MLB being rather glam),. :)
I dunno Malfunkshun's sound was quite grungy however I would not call MLB's sound Glam.when the phrase Glam is used to describe a sound naturally i would think of Glam Metal with all its over the top vocals over the top guitar solo's (hell everything was over the top with Glam metal) and of course there's the Glam punk bands who looked glam but sounded kinda punk (maybe MLB had a bit of that) and then there's the glam bands of the 70's some very pop oriented & MLB definitely didn't sound like that (though Andrew Wood's voice has been compared to Mark Boland's) But l i think MLB were rather unique. people call it love rock that's as close a description ive heard so far. Id sum it up as is hard rock w fuzzy guitars and Andy's really cool Lyrics and crazy stage presence. may be a touch of glam influence but not enough to cast them as that.

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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by Fuzz Face »

I voted for MLB , because they did songs to remember, it was nothing one would listen to, thinking of it as merely nice tunes forgetting them the minute after the song is ending... And I feel that makes a good band after all...

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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by subpop1999 »

I voted for Mf because as one other said, they were more grungey. I definitely agree MLB was more developed and everyone was better in every aspect, but genre wise, Mf won my vote.

Let's bring this topic back. It's been too long.
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Re: Who do you like more?

Post by Schneider »

Never keen on either, but I'd rather hear MLB.

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