Favorite song?

Before Pearl Jam there was Mother Love Bone, before Mother Love Bone there was...Malfunkshun!

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Re: Favorite song?

Post by KristinNirvana »

With Yo Heart Not Yo Hands, though I also love I Wanna Be Yo Daddy, and I love the beginning riff to Make Sweet Love, though I really just love all their songs. It has a cool 70s vibe along with underground grunge, and then some cool piano stuff too.
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Re: Favorite song?

Post by XsInMyEyes »

Favourite Malfunkshun song...seeing how “Wang Dang” should click right with my scene, seeing as its a 70s rock cover, I prefer “I wanna Be Your Daddy” ... it is pure, passionate, tells a sincere story of love fused in the sun, the riff could be Richie Blackmore, the yearning vocals are the quintessence of the eccentric yet beautiful soul Andrew was, and the raw zeal could arise me from the bleakest sorrow
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