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havent seen this in a while
maybe I should...
and then?

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that rocks
McCready is freakin' awesome
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Re: Live at the Moore

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Freeze! Don't move. You've been chosen as an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life.

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Re: Live at the Moore

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i got into mad season with it. that's an amazing performance

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Re: Live at the Moore

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I Don't Know Anything
is my fav currently
All that I want is to Play,hey!

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Re: Live at the Moore

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Takes my breath away every time! I love it.
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Re: Live at the Moore

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I have this on vid. What a great performance from these guys... i put it on sometimes before i go to sleep hoping to dream of being there
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Re: Live at the Moore

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fucking great!

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RMX wrote:That show rocks! Especially November Hotel.
Right you are, person!
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