Best Album?

Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore have been kicking it hard for over 20 years and they can still put on a mean show. Talk about these New York gods here!

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Post by Speedball »

I like them all, actualy I listen Sonic Youth almost every day

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Post by Jon »

I cant believe somone said they only have like four good albums. Fair enough but i suppose you lot are more into the commercial stuff. I'd say the best stuff is Confusion is sex(though it takes ages to get into), Goo(good first album to buy), and Evol.
My 3 faves are goo, Confusion is sex, and bad moon rising.
I think Dirty was abit dissapointing. And i wasnt too keen on the one with bull in the heather on.


Post by SayHello2Heaven »

I been Listening to the song "Bull In The Heather" lately i'm addicted :)

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Re: Best Album?

Post by Bleach »

'Goo' (how cliche), closely followed by 'Washing Machine' and 'Daydream Nation'.

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Re: Best Album?

Post by SunnyJim »

from what i've heard, goo. its so fucking dark and almost disturbing... really cool album :geek:
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Re: Best Album?

Post by Evol »

I would have to say either Daydream Nation or Goo, but I have played them to death and have moved on to Evol, which takes the cake as of right now
For me, anyway :)

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Re: Best Album?

Post by MoussakaChaos »

Bad Moon Rising, by far, is their best. EVOL is a close second.
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Re: Best Album?

Post by infinitegrunge »

I like Confusion is Sex the best, but I haven't heard all of their albums yet.

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Re: Best Album?

Post by Wolf_grrrl »

Goo's my favourite I think

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Re: Best Album?

Post by myuserid »

The only Sonic Youth album I've ever owned is Dirty.

Probably one of my top 5 of all time.

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Re: Best Album?

Post by MudNirvana »

Day Dream Nation
The Eternal
Sonic Nurse
Murray Street
A Thousand Leaves
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Re: Best Album?

Post by Onion Rat »

Haven't heard too much from Sonic Youth yet, but so far, Dirty is probably my favourite album.
It's sweeeet. Sorta.

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Re: Best Album?

Post by SpankThru »

For me its between Daydream Nation, Goo and Sister.
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Re: Best Album?

Post by Fopp »

Evol or Daydream Nation

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Re: Best Album?

Post by DirkAS2010 »

100% is probably one of the best songs I've heard.

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